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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

HORNSLET - Campen Machinery A/S of Denmark has developed a process to help give complex airlaid waste new life as soft fibre mats.

The development follows an enquiry from a European airlaid roll manufacturer at the recent INDEX exhibition. The customer generates several tons of airlaid waste per year, from edge cutting, start-up rolls or from material where the quality does not live up to expectations etc. These waste products are currently incinerated, and the company was keen to investigate whether the waste could be upcycled instead. They therefore booked a test course with their material at Campen's airlaid test facility in Denmark.

The challenge with the material was that the airlaid products are bonded with latex glue and they are therefore difficult to take apart. Previous attempts at other plants failed, as they could not process the fibers properly and the entire forming head would clog up.

However, Campen reports that the test process at its airlaid test facility took place without any problems and the result has been extremely satisfactory for both Campen and the customer. “With our unique beater forming technology, it has been possible to process the fibres and make a soft and flexible fibre mat that can be used for e.g. packaging, packaging material or as trays,” explained Jens Erik Thordahl, Senior Airlaid Specialist and Partner at Campen Machinery. “In this test round, we made a fibre mat that can be rolled and has a weight of 550g/m². However, we can easily adjusted the thickness and weight of the material, if desired.

“The customer has received the first samples from the test and they are very excited. They had not at all expected to get such a high quality product out of their waste."


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