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ROTTERDAM– Plastics, chemicals and refining company LyondellBasell is introducing Moplen HP560Z, a polypropylene with a melt flow rate (MFR) of 1500 for meltblown nonwoven applications.

The company says it is the first in Europe to offer this type of high-fluidity polypropylene. While the majority of MFR 1500 grades for meltblown nonwoven applications have so far mainly been produced in Asian countries, European demand has seen an increase, with the growing number of regional production entities for PPE, and specifically facemasks. A swift regional solution for a high-end medical grade was therefore needed.

The very high fluidity of Moplen HP560Z allows the creation of facemasks with the best filtration level, providing the highest protection efficiency possible.

An additional advantage is that Moplen HP560Z has been tailored specifically for the latest small-scale meltblown nonwoven machines which are now widely used for facemask production in Europe.

“LyondellBasell is known for finding solutions to challenges it faces, and the rapid development of Moplen HP560Z is evidence of our ability to meet our customer’s needs in the European market,” said Jochem Meijknecht, marketing manager at LyondellBasell. “It is exciting to be the first company to offer a MFR 1500 grade made in Europe.”

Moplen HP560Z is produced by LyondellBasell plants in Spain.

Web: www.lyondellbasell.com


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