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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

crail1Naturally Advanced Technologies reports the completion of a 220,000 lb final production and commercialisation trial for Crailar flax fibre with Barnhardt Manufacturing, a key third party manufacturer.

The fibre is destined for Crailar partner brands, including Georgia-Pacific for airlaid nonwovens and Levi Strauss for use in additional production trials for apparel products.

NAT and Georgia-Pacific announced a three-year purchasing agreement in September 2011 after a successful evaluation period of less than six months. The partnership has since identified significant product performance advancements. NAT remains in development Levi's, and

The Crailar flax fibre delivered to Levi Strauss will be used in a trial that would typically precede a large-scale production run for retail. The amount of fibre delivered could yield as many as 50,000 units of a regular Levi’s product.

“This is a validating step for Crailar as we demonstrate the ability of our technology to scale without risk, and finaliSe the completion of our full scale production facility in Pamplico, South Carolina,” said NAT CEO Ken Barker. “Most importantly, it is a key milestone as we look to expand finished products available at retail in and industry. We are thrilled to be providing a new, sustainable natural fibre that allows for innovation in partnership with global brands, and that aligns with each of their company-wide sustainability initiatives.”


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