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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

The PCI Consulting Group Fibres Conference will take place from November 10-11 at The Hotel Marriott in Milan, Italy, immediately before ITMA 2015. 

Global fibre and textile supply chains have endured a chaotic and unpredictable tw-to-three years, in which raw material prices have soared and crashed, PCI reports. Heavy investment in China and volatility in exchange rates have reconfigured supply chains and trade patterns and over-capacity at all levels has become a major threat to the financial stability of large parts of the industry.

But 2015 looks set to be the change-year which begins to point toward rebalance and recovery. This can slowly be achieved by waiting for supply/demand balances to restore the situation, or it can be accelerated by directly addressing some of the complex challenges that global consumers are presenting the industry at every level of activity. 

The PCI 2015 Fibres Conference will look at prospects for raw materials, fibres and textiles in the context of sustainability challenges, global health issues, and lifestyle and demographic changes. These carry implications for the mix of fibres, the manufacturing locations of supply chains and the production systems that are used.

Speakers will include PCI consultants as well as guest speakers.  The key note speaker this year will be Giulio Bonazzi – chairman and CEO of the Aquafil Group.  

Presentations will define the quantitative response in terms of fibre demand numerics and will also look at the crucial issue of how to recover value – perhaps the most pressing requirement throughout the industry.

The conference will review the raw material chains for polyester, polyamide, cotton and viscose and seek to provide answers to the following questions:

  • After such a rapid decline in the oil price, what recovery is likely?  
  • Will excessive investment in polyester and polyamide intermediates continue to prejudice margins?
  • Are prospects still bleak for cotton after the volatility of recent years?  
  • Can we expect consolidation in the viscose supply chain?
  • In the search to restore value, what is influencing fibre choices by textile and garment companies, retailers and final consumers?  What are the important dynamics in key applications such as nonwovens and automotive products?  
  • What does sustainability mean at various levels of the chain, and what role do recycling and bio-based products play in providing sensible solutions?
  • How is the geographic structure of the global fibre and textile industry evolving?
  • Is China losing its competitive edge, is India set to realise its potential, and what of relative newcomers like Vietnam?  
  • Is there a role still for other regions?  
  • What influence will trade legislation like the proposed TPP treaty have on individual country prospects?

Further details: www.pcifibres.com


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