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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

VARBERG - Paper machine manufacturer Voith Paper, which operates a number of partnerships with nonwovens technology suppliers such as Trützschler, has invested in Swedish sustainability start-up Yangi which is pioneering a new technology to produce 3D-formed, cellulose-based packaging.

The deal will give Voith access to Yangi's technology from its sister company, The Loop Factory, giving full-line supplier Voith access to solutions to drive decarbonization in the packaging industry.

The process from Yangi is based on dry forming principles in a single machine line and enables a cost- and resource-efficient solution that has the potential to replace rigid plastic at scale. Compared to the water- and energy-intensive wet pulp molding process, the dry forming process requires no process water and less energy, resulting in minimized CO2 emissions and 75% less energy consumption, the company says.

The applications for packaging solutions are diverse and range from cosmetics and beauty products to fresh food, take-away, and consumer goods. For example, in addition to Voith, the luxury brand Chanel has also acquired shares in Yangi and is actively supporting its business development.

"We are excited about the partnership between Voith and Yangi. With Voith, we have found the right partner to further develop our innovative solutions and also grow in new business areas," said Johann Kaiser, CEO of Yangi.

"Voith's expertise as the leading full-line supplier in the paper industry and Yangi's expertise in dry processing of fibres open new doors for innovative solutions. Fiber-based packaging is a sustainable alternative to plastic and will continue to gain relevance," added Dr. Michael Weiss, CTO at Voith Paper. "Compared to petroleum-based packaging, the newly produced fibre packaging saves 75% CO2 emissions. In addition, the innovative process is characterized by short cycle times. The investment in Yangi is therefore an important strategic step for us to advance our decarbonization strategy as part of our Papermaking for Life sustainability program."


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