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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

WORMS - Renolit has submitted a voluntary commitment to the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), in which the company has defined its individual contribution to achieving the initiative’s targets.

With the commitment, Renolit has set itself the goal, among other things, of processing and reusing 100% of the plastic waste within the group by 2025.

For example, through the Renolit Goes Circular project, which also focuses on waste reduction through appropriate measures in production, Renolit wants to stop selling waste to third parties by 2025.

In addition, all plastic packaging used is to consist of at least 50% recycled material or renewable raw materials by then.

Renolit is also supporting a project for non-fossil polymer production in which special bacteria convert CO2 from air into basic chemical building blocks that have a wide range of applications in the field of polymer production.

The CPA is an initiative of the European Commission, which, in addition to Renolit, 266 associations and companies have joined. Together, they are pursuing the goal of incorporating at least 10 million tons of recycled plastic into products and packaging in Europe by 2025.

Renolit signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration in September 2019, with which the company already committed to implementing the CPA's goals within its own competencies and responsibilities. The submission of the voluntary commitment now defines the company's concrete contribution.


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