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Magic Tubes

ZELE – Drylock Technologies is to double its European production capacity in 2018 as demand for its Magical Tubes absorbent core technology soars.

A £200 million investment programme will see a new plant established in Segovia in central Spain and the expansion of the company’s existing plant in Hradek, Czech Republic, within the next few months. Drylock is currently on a recruitment drive to add new staff at both facilities.

Drylock Magical Tubes technology was launched in May 2017 and the first on-shelf listings were achieved in October 2017.  The successful launch programme followed exhaustive consumer testing proving out a winning product concept that delivers new standards in the private label baby diaper consumer experience, with improved leakage control, better fit and the enablement of air flow next to the skin.

At the upcoming PLMA private label retail exhibition in Amsterdam in May, Drylock will be further launching Magical Tubes in baby pants and explaining more about the new upgraded adult pant product concept as a follow up to the success in baby diapers.

 “The achievements of Drylock management project teams in getting these new production facilities ready in such short time has been truly outstanding,” said CEO Bart Van Malderen. “I am proud to make this announcement and as ever look forward to welcoming our customers to see our new facilities and join the Drylock Magical Tubes revolution.”

Drylock Technologies is headquartered in Zele, Belgium and is a family-owned company led by Van Malderen. It now employs over 2000 people worldwide and has production facilities in Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, USA and Brazil.

Web: www.drylocktechnologies.com


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