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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

SCHWARZENBACH - Nonwovens fabric manufacturer Sandler will exhibit at the upcoming Techtextil exhibition where it will focus on products and initiatives that target performance and sustainability throughout the product life cycle and beyond.

"At the international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, Sandler invites you to experience more – more innovation and more commitment to sustainability," the company said. "From raw material selection to recycling optimised for every application: high-performance quality nonwovens made by Sandler pave the way for environmentally friendly product solutions."

On show will be bluefiber, a new brand of acoustic nonwovens products made from 100% polyester.

Bluefiber products are made to a large extent from recycled PET bottles, and as a single polymer, are also easily recyclable themselves. They are odorless and, in contrast to other fibrous materials, do not pose health risks to workers and users alike.

According to Sandler, smart acoustic polyester also has additional advantages over other materials; it is resistant to ageing and to various environmental influences.

Bluefiber products are therefore durable and, owing to their open-pore structure, efficiently dampen sound – free of harmful substances and entirely without chemical additives. As the nonwoven is fully recyclable, even after many years of use, the material can be reprocessed and fed back into the production process keeping the use of new resources to a minimum.

In comparison with wood or other fibrous materials, polyester is also considerably lighter, the fibers are more resistant to breakage, and thus the products are easier to handle. bluefiber products are flame-resistant and tested according to EN 13501.

Also on show will be the latest Fast Forward Fabric. More than noise reduction, these fabrics for automotive applications offer a combination of performance and resource conservation. The fabrics are described as highly stable complex component geometries, with specific material configurations for optimized vehicle acoustics inside the passenger compartment as well as towards the surroundings. The open-pore structure combines noise dampening and thermal management. Made from 100% polyester with up to 80% recycled fibres Fast Forward Fabric creates closed material cycles.

The show will also allow Sandler to promote the expansion of its sustainability campaign #sandlerpuzzle. The initiative, under the title 'Going beyond circular limitations' covers the next step towards creating closed cycles and sees Sandler and National Sweden AB integrating modern concepts to recycle processing remnants – resulting in raw materials for the manufacture of new products. The partnership creates a completely closed material cycle: reducing waste and decreasing the use of virgin resources.

Sandler will be located at booth D50, hall 12.1, or online at the first virtual Techtextil show.


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