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COTTSDALE - Responsible diapering company Dyper has a health platform to help parents and caregivers monitor and optimize baby health and wellness through a growing array of science-based, at-home, non-invasive tests.

As the company notes, the 10 million children in diapers in the US represent one of the largest overlooked testing populations. Previously, clean sample collection in babies was complex and often invasive, sometimes requiring catheterization. Due to advances in dry urine and fecal matter testing, Dyper Health is hoping to make the testing process simple and affordable, while delivering science-based insights.

Building on the circular aspects of Dyper’s optional ReDyper service – in which families can opt-in to curbside pickup or ship their soiled products back to Dyper for responsible disposal – Dyper Health allows customers to enroll, collect samples, and return them to certified labs for processing and analysis. Additionally, Dyper Health test kits will be available for convenient drop-off and pick-up for customers starting with the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Dyper Health Baby Gut Health Test is described as an easy-to-use, mess-free gut health test offering information about microbiome biomarkers for a child’s eczema, allergies, asthma, and metabolic health. It also includes actionable dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations from trusted microbiome experts based on the results.

The Dyper Health Children’s Advanced DNA Test Kit offers approximately 400 insights related to a child's general health, overall wellness, and ancestry. This allows parents and caregivers to understand and immediately consider opportunities for improvements.

Supporting Dyper Health are partnerships with Tiny Health, the developer of at-home gut tests for babies, expectant mothers and those trying to conceive, as well as tellmeGen, a leader in at-home DNA testing.

Each test is delivered with clear step-by-step guides, simple and mess-free collection devices, and HIPAA-compliant specimen registration instructions. Results are delivered by respective providers in secure fashion with optional telehealth consultations with experts for help interpreting the results.

Dyper Health will continue to expand offerings in additional areas, including heavy metal testing, UTI detection, and beyond.

Dyper Health is the latest innovation from Dyper, who recently announced the development of its Byochar technology, which will help reduce landfill waste from used disposable diapers.


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