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FAIRBURN – A common problem for eyeglass wearers during the Covid-19 pandemic has been how to wear a facemask without lenses fogging up as a result of excessive moisture and humidity.

To solve this, Unity PPE, has introduced Seals – hypoallergenic foam inserts engineered to fit faces of all shapes and sizes, eliminate eyeglass fogging, and improve a facemask’s overall comfort and protection.

Unity PPE partnered with Porex, the leader in porous polymers and part of The Filtration Group, to engineer the new foam solution.

Seals are easily inserted with double-sided tape along a facemask, which is then aligned to the centre of the nose bridge on the mask. Once inserted, wearers will find the mask more comfortable, and the foam absorbs sweat and humidity.

By redirecting air away from the eyes, Seals reduce or eliminate the fogging of eyewear, as well as the potential for dry eyes.

PPE’s patent-pending Seals are composed of a soft, lightweight polyurethane foam from Porex that is exceptionally durable and reusable.

Porex engineered the Seals hydrophilic foam with an antimicrobial component to improve protection. Its permeability creates a breathable seal and helps dissipate heat. Seals also offer a smooth texture that only a comfort foam can provide, preventing skin irritations and facial markings. Their hypoallergenic and latex-free composition eliminates chaffing and rashes, and the foam is non-crumbling and long-lasting.

Unity PPE, a women-owned and operated business based in Nashville, Tennessee, specialises in facemasks, shields and other PPE products. CEO and co-founder Savannah Cleveland came up with the idea for Seals along with her uncle.

“We looked at different foam suppliers, but Porex offered a superior foam that’s the softest on the market for skin contact,” Cleveland said. “Their engineers collaborated with us to perfect our design and bring our product vision to life.”

Porex is also able to provide die cuts for its products, which enabled Unity PPE to make Seals inserts fully customisable depending on the shape of an individual’s face.

“Porex hydrophilic polyurethane foam is an ideal solution to enhance PPE by enhancing comfort, compliance and protection – whether for facemasks, eyewear, face shields or other PPE products,” said Will Raybon, Porex strategic marketing manager.

As part of its commitment to community safety, Unity PPE is currently offering a campaign to recognise US frontline workers on its website. With the purchase of a Seals product, a second will be donated to a healthcare worker of the buyer’s choice.


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