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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

ORLANDO – PureCycle Technologies and iSustain Recycling have announced an agreement to source and divert up to ten million pounds of polypropylene plastic waste from landfills and waterways.

PureCycle says it will work with iSustain, a sustainability strategist that provides comprehensive recycling solutions, to target post-use polypropylene and packaging materials that are not typically recycled.

Announcing the partnership, PureCycle CEO Dustin Olson said that the agreement was evidence of a great partnership that continues to flourish. "In 2022, we teamed up with iSustain to bring sustainable recycling practices to the Plastics Recycling Conference," he said. "This deal, however, will have a lasting impact far beyond a single week event. With iSustain’s expansive network, we can use our patented recycling technology to grow beyond curbside materials and also achieve circularity with other polypropylene waste materials.”

iSustain Recycling vice president of Business Development Mark Huber added: “PureCycle is a game-changing solution for polypropylene plastic waste. Their technology is creating new recycling markets for previously unrecyclable plastic waste. All our customers want to divert more of their plastic from landfills and meet their sustainability goals. PureCycle offers our customers the opportunity to meet their goals and achieve true circularity while doing so.”

PureCycle holds a global license to commercialise the only patented solvent-based purification recycling technology for restoring waste PP into ultra-pure recycled (UPR) resin, developed by Procter & Gamble.

The technology, which can remove virtually all contaminants, colours, and odours, can be used for commercial production and to recycle waste such as nonwoven fabrics, contaminated food storage containers, coloured detergent bottles and automotive interior plastics – which are mostly incinerated because they are difficult to recycle – into the UPR.


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