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FELDKIRCHEN-WESTERHAM – Neenah – which is to become part of the new Mativ business following its recently reported merger with SWM – has developed a Craneglas wet-laid nonwoven material that is specifically optimised for cooling pad media employed in data centres.

With the demand for data centres at record levels, a full range of professional filtration solutions – frequently with nonwoven filter media at their core – is needed. They ensure proper cooling, ventilation, gas adsorption stablity and adequate humidity levels, as well as preventing corrosion.

Even a change in temperature of just a few degrees can reduce the efficiency of servers, which is where evaporative or adiabatic cooling applications can truly add value.

In an evaporative cooling system, hot outside air is forced through wet cooling pads by means of a motor-driven fan. The cooling pads are moistened continuously by a water pump that delivers water to the cooling pads. The cooled down air is blown out and can be cooled down between 60 and 90%, depending on the effectiveness of the evaporative media.

Neenah’s Craneglas wet-laid nonwoven for cooling pad media meets the stringent UL 94V-0 flammability rating by using non-respirable glass fibres and small amount of non-formaldehyde organic binder. The pore size of the nonwoven allows for ideal saturation and is thermoformable, for sturdy corrugation.


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