WIELSBEKE - Beaulieu Fibres International has developed a series of sustainable fibre solutions for both the hygiene and industrial sectors.

For nonwoven converters serving the hygiene segment, the company’s optimized Meralux specialty fibre offers both performance and sustainability properties. It offers opacity improvements (reduction of TiO2 for the same opacity levels), higher coverage, higher bulkiness, and improved liquid management.

In addition, Meralux fibres deliver substantial sustainability benefits including about 55% savings in raw materials, with equivalent carbon emission savings, thanks to weight reduction in nonwovens for the same coverage, and higher recyclability of PP/PE.

The other latest addition to the hygiene fibres portfolio are Meraspring BICO PET fibres, which is designed to meet the market trend for increased comfort. Meraspring enables nonwovens to combine a softness and loftiness that provides a cushioned, even “well-being”, experience for end-users of applications such as diapers and fem-pads. The fibres are available in a range from 1.7-8.9 dtex with hydrophilic, hydrophobic and wellbeing finishes depending on the properties required in the final product.

Both of these products were on show at the recent INDEX exhibition where the company's renowned UltraBond thermal bonding fibre was showcased as part of the Nonwovens Awards in the "sustainable raw material" category. The jury selected the fibre for its sustainable contribution to 100% recyclable nonwovens.

Beaulieu's new range of MONO low count and BICO fibres, which are setting high performance standards for the fast-growing air and liquid filtration markets, were also on display.

Visitors to the Beaulieu booth were also able to explore the company's new Pilot Line, which is geared towards testing co-development opportunities, but without risk. "The Pilot Line offers the utmost flexibility to produce samples, without the typical constraints imposed by industrial production lines, replicating any type of staple fibre spinning technology using different types of polymers and additives and different types of cross sections," Beaulieu says.

Elsewhere, the company says it is fully committed to integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its 3 plants have this year been granted a first Sustainable Business Charter 2021 and from July, its two Belgian sites ran on 100% on green electricity. Further decarbonization paths have also been identified.

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