TEIJIN FRONTIER is playing a leading role in TEIJIN Group’s fiber-product business by making use of its global-consistent value chain of material development, procurement, manufacturing and product-converting in the field of fibers.

We are putting importance on environmentally friendly operations and products to achieve sustainable and organic growth in various business area from apparel to industrial materials.

One of our targets is contribution to “responsible consumption and production” in the world as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is aiming for.

To achieve this target, we have put forth effort for development of 100% mechanical-recycled polyester fibers named “ECOPET®”, which has been commercialized globally since 1995.

“ECOPET®” is made from collected PET bottles by mechanical recycling process and its high quality, not inferior to virgin polyester fibers, makes it possible to be adopted various applications from apparel, interior to industrial fields.

As a pioneer of manufacturing recycled-synthetic fibers, we also have engaged in application development with using recycled fibers and succeeded in development of recycled-polyester paper (wet-laid nonwoven) named “ECOPET PAPER™” made from staple-fiber-type of “ECOPET®”.

“ECOPET PAPER™” is totally composed of polyester and its recycled rate is up to 100% due to TEIJIN FROTNIER’s remarkable spinning technology to manufacture both of matrix and binder fibers from recycled materials.

The product is functionally guaranteed such as hydrophobic, good tear strength and shape retention thanks to the characteristics of polyester, in addition, it brings unique and beautiful surface texture like “WASHI”; Japanese paper, which is attributed to the sensitive method of traditional papermanufacturing in Japan.

Furthermore, for ensuring our responsibility for consumer, TEIJIN FRONTIER started making traceability possible for specific production lots with utilizing Japanese regional bottle-collecting system. At moment, the main applications of “ECOPET PAPER™” are books, consumer goods such as stationaries and bags, and emergency goods such as hazard map, on the other hand, we broaden the scope to more variety of applications to promote the penetration of recycled products in our daily life.

Deep consideration to environment, careful guarantee for function, and sincere respects for our tradition – these are our; TEIJIN FRONTIER’s sources of solution with “ECOPET PAPER™”.

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