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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

ASCHERSLEBEN – Mondi’s new CAC (carded-airlaid-carded) line is now producing samples for qualification at the company’s plant in Germany, having started up in February.

“This is the first machine of its type producing nonwovens based on composites of staple fibre and airlaid pulp,” explained the company’s director of R&D Michael Trinkaus during the online EDANA Outlook conference (April 21-23). “The nonwoven layers are combined by hydroentanglement without the use of binders to produce materials that are 100% renewable, biodegradable and compostable.”

The resulting nonwovens for wipes are tough on mess, while being gentle to the touch, with a stable 3D texture, he added. The viscose and pulp combination also results in a high surface area. Other advantages include the pattern stability of the materials made by the CAC progress, with the short fibres strongly positioned by the hydro-moulding step. This also ensures the lotion in wipes stays where it should.

“Going forward, we will explore other combinations of natural fibres, with the Danweb airlay unit capable of handling any short fibres,” Trinkaus said. “The biggest advantage of these new nonwovens is their biodegradability and ability to disintegrate within a month, as has been proven in a peer reviewed LCA.”


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