BASEL - Nonwoven fabric manufacturer Jacob Holm has introduced a new, sustainable range of packaging for its popular Sontara EC and Sontara Automotive EMEA Portfolio.

"The upgraded Sontara EC and Sontara Automotive packaging isn’t simply a new look," the company said. "Responding to evolving customers’ needs, Jacob Holm has re-marketed its lines with new packaging formats, such as folded wipes and also included additional dispensers and handles to the existing put-ups."

Along with new package artwork, Jacob Holm is refreshing these products with smart and sustainable packaging materials. All of the boxed wipes in these applications are now packaged in boxes made of recycled material, indicated by the FSC logo, and the boxes themselves have been redesigned for better handling and more protection of the products during shipping, further reducing waste.

"Appearances matter, but even more important is what’s inside the packaging⁠—and the company itself," Jacob Holm added. "This exciting re-launch represents another step forward in Jacob Holm’s aggressive commitment to sustainability and continuous innovation."

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