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Environmental news and technical  innovation in the nonwovens sector

MINNEAPOLIS – Donaldson is adding new capabilities and user experience updates to the its iCue connected filtration service, which enables facility teams to closely track collector performance and respond in real-time to maintenance notifications.

Based on customer feedback, Donaldson has made several iCue service updates to continue improving and streamlining functionality for manufacturing facilities around the world.

They include:

  • A particulate monitoring sensor which continuously tracks particulate material levels in the outlet stack of collectors, so maintenance teams can more accurately monitor and assess the air quality in their plants.
  • Pulse-jet cleaning valves to detect when a valve is not fully functioning and send a notification for filter performance to be assessed.
  • Partner Vie which allows iCue service subscribers to give third-party, certified dealers and service centres access to their dashboard when collector maintenance or repair questions arise.

“Dust collection is a critical component of any manufacturing operation and we continue enhancing our iCue service to meet expanding customer needs,” said Wade Wessels, global director of connected solutions for Donaldson. “Facility teams can count on the iCue service to deliver timely data and insights to efficiently maintain equipment, comply with regulations, address issues before they escalate and save valuable time and money.”

The updated particulate monitoring sensor makes it easier for manufacturing environmental health and safety teams to improve compliance tracking and validation and maintenance teams to quickly determine if any filters are damaged or installed improperly.

The pulse-jet filter cleaning system helps maximise filter lifespan in an industrial collector. The iCue service can now accurately detect when a pulse-jet valve is not working properly, which can lead to a decrease in filter life, a compressed air leak and an increase in facility energy consumption. By proactively managing filter health, filter life and other operational benefits increase.

In addition, the iCue service is more user-friendly, thanks to a new Partner View feature.

The iCue connected filtration service is compatible with all brands of industrial collectors, including those that operate with a positive air pressure system. It is also simple to install – a compact gateway box is fastened to the outside of a facility collector and IoT technology and secure cloud communications run the service. An annual subscription includes hardware, automated reports, real-time maintenance alerts and a web-based dashboard that displays new and historical data.


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